Taking waste to the Milieustraat

If you have waste that does not belong in your household or communal bins for mixed recyclables and refuse or organic waste, take it to the Milieustraat. Here we separate the waste so it can be reused.

What can you take to the Milieustraat?

  • Electrical appliances
  • Large items such as sofas, cabinets and carpets
  • Construction and demolition wastesuch as laminate, plaster and wood
  • Large garden waste
  • Hazardous waste (KCA)
  • Hard plastics
  • Deep-frying oil
  • Mattresses
  • Styrofoam
  • Car tyres

View the full list at www.omrin.nl/milieustraat

Omrin Medewerker In KCA Depot Op Milieustraat LR Liggend
Tip from Paul: “If things you are throwing out can be reused or repurposed, take them to the Milieustraat and put them in the container for Omrin Estafette recycling shops.”

Lucaskemper Omrin Milieustraatleeuwarden LR 110

Taking waste to the Milieustraat? Book a time slot!

To take waste to the recycling centre in Leeuwarden, Stiens, Grou or Oosterwolde, you need to book a time slot. In other words, to visit our recycling centres, you need to make an appointment.

How it works:

  1. Book a time slot in the Omrin waste app or at www.omrin.nl/milieustraat or call Omrin on 0900 210 0215
  2. Choose a day and time that suits you
  3. No need to wait in line
  4. Easily sorted

Don’t forget to take your Milieupas card!


Sometimes you have to pay to take waste to the Milieustraat. This applies to things such as construction and demolition waste, car tyres and certain batteries. Unsorted waste will be accepted twice free of charge. Carefully sorted waste is always accepted free of charge. For full details of current rates and conditions, go to www.omrin.nl/milieustraat, call Omrin on 0900 210 0215 or ask one of the staff at the Milieustraat.


Borrow a trailer or cargo bike for free

At the recycling centres in Leeuwarden, Stiens and Grou you can borrow a trailer for free. And in Leeuwarden we even have a cargo bike. So it’s easy to take your waste to the Milieustraat.

To borrow the trailer or cargo bike

Call Omrin on 0900 210 0215. After paying a cash deposit of € 100,- for the trailer or € 50,- for the cargo bike, you will be given the vehicle for a morning or afternoon.

Lucaskemper Omrin Milieustraatleeuwarden LR 99
Samantha Op Bordes Milieustraat LR Liggend

Can’t get to the Milieustraat?

We can arrange to come and collect large items, large garden waste and large electrical appliances. Book a collection through the Omrin waste app, at www.omrin.nl or call Omrin on 0900 210 0215.

You can also take your waste to other recycling centres. Please note! You always pay the fees that apply in your own municipality.