Waste seperation

Plastic? Let’s extract as much of it as we can!

What do you do with plastic, cans and drink cartons? Put them in your household or communal bin for mixed recyclables and residual waste!

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When you put recyclable paper, glass, textiles and organic waste in the right bins, it is given a second life! You can put plastic, cans, drink cartons and diapers in the bin for mixed residual waste. Our high-tech machines separate out waste of different types and sizes. It can then be recycled as efficiently as possible.

We pass on reusable materials to the processing industry so they can be converted into new products. For instance, we turn recycled plastic into new waste containers.

From the organic waste in nappies we produce biogas. Almost all of our trucks run on our biogas. The rest goes into the national grid. Two inspiring examples of circular economy.

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Four tips on how to generate less waste and save money

We all want a world with less waste. But what are smart ways to do it? You always carry a bag with you for your shopping and carefully separate your waste. And there are other simple ways to reduce your waste.

  1. Need something new?
    Why not see if you can get it second-hand? Maybe from an Omrin Estafette recycling shop or Kringloop shop. Something someone else no longer needs will often feel as good as new to you.

  2. Borrow from your neighbours!
    How often do you use a drill, hedge trimmer or party tent? Start an app group with your neighbours so you can borrow from each other. There are lots of things we only use once a year. This way you won’t have to buy a new one, nor will your neighbours. Twice as sustainable!

  3. Packaging? Do away with it!
    Buy unpackaged things from the recycling shop and pick up your groceries at the market. Makes a huge difference in terms of waste. And buy products that genuinely
    reduce waste, such as reusable nappies, laundry soap nuts, toothpaste tablets and
    shampoo bars.

  4. Reusable nappies
    • Eliminate over 1,500 kilos of waste per child.
    • Save up to €800.- per child.
    • Always one in the cupboard so you never run out.
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