Omrin Waste app

“All my waste sorting at a glance.”

Want to quickly find out your waste collection day? Download the Omrin waste app. It will send a helpful reminder. The app is available in 13 municipalities: Achtkarspelen, Ameland, Eemsdelta, Harlingen, Heerenveen, Leeuwarden, Ooststellingwerf, Opsterland, Terschelling, Tytsjerksteradiel, Waadhoeke, Westerwolde en Weststellingwerf.

Omrin Afvalapp
Omrin Afvalapp Afvallabel

What’s your waste rating?

The Omrin waste app will show you exactly how much waste you produce. If you have a household bin for mixed recyclables, our waste label will show your rating. Just like an energy label.

If you use an underground container near your home, we compare what you deposit in the bin with a reference household. Again you can see your rating!

So download the Omrin waste app, create an account and check your rating!